We understand what you need help with.

As eager Thinking Into Results students ourselves, we have a lot of experience in the value you as a consultant bring to people - and we also know your business inside out.
We are going to be straight up honest..
Knowledge about the subconscious mind is not something that the average person have, actually, most people have never thought about their lives as a result! 
Why does that matter?
You need to connect your knowledge to concrete situations that everyone can understand, as well as being awesome on showing that it is possible to "teach an old dog how to sit".

That Is Why We Exist.

When we first got to know about Thinking into results and got a deeper understanding about the Stickperson process, we were head over heals - but regardless of how amazing the material were, no one knew about it.

Half empty conference rooms.

A lot of time, effort and soul put into educating people before scheduling a call and do a high ticket sale to transform someones life.

You know how to change someones life into what they really want.

We know how you reach them.

Let's build an indestructible team together.

“We have great peace of mind knowing such an important department is being taken care of. We are so grateful to collaborate with Frida and the team and they deliver their service with positivity and exquisite professionalism.

Declan O'Donoghue
Gold Pin Holder

"WeConsultings intuition, integrity and expertise is second to none driving results in my business!"

Sheena Cantar
Certified Consultant

The Team

Frida Engstrom


Loves customer communication and connecting systems in a smart way. The key word is always: Automatic.

Adib Waez


Expanding and exploring new ways that's never been done before together with a deep understanding of the advertising algorithms = magic.

Andreas Lundqvist


Could probably have the word "structured" as a middle name and our Master of Masterclasses.